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Zoning Regulations and Building Codes

To...promote the health, safety, morals, comfort and general welfare of the City;
To...preserve and protect property values throughout the City;
To...restrict and regulate the height, number of stories, and size of buildings; the percentate of lot coverage; the size of yards, courts, and other open space; and the density of population.
To...regulate and restrict the location and use of building and land within each district.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What codes are used by the City of Garnett?
2006 International Building and Fire Codes
2006 International Residential Code
2006 Mechanical and Plumbing Codes
2006 Existing Building Code
2006 Property Maintenance Code
2005 NEC Electrical Codes

Question: What permits are required?
Home Additions

Question: What are the regulations concerning moving a manufactured home into Garnett or from one location to another within the Garnett city limits?
Answer: A manufactured home must have been constructed on or after July 13, 1994. All manufactured homes must be inspected by city staff before being moved into Garnett or before being moved from one location to another within Garnett city limits.

Question: Are permits required for swimming pools?
Answer: Yes. Any pool two feet or greater in depth shall not be installed without first applying for and obtaining a POO/FENCE ( Fence ) permit. The pool shall be walled or fenced so as to prevent uncontrolled access by children.

Question: Are permits required for concrete work?
Answer: Yes. Sidewalk and flat concrete work must be inspected before being poured.

Question: Can property owners do work on their own property?
Answer: Yes. Property owners may perform any type of work on residential structures they own and will personally occupy. They will need to get a permit, if required, and have the work inspected. On any maintenance that requires a permit, a landlord must be licensed or have a licensed contractor do the work. If it is maintenance work that does not require a permit the landlord may do it.

Question: What work requires a permit?
Answer: Work outside of routine maintenance or minor repair requires a permit. If you have any questions, contact the Inspection Department at Garnett City Hall, 785.448.5496, or Email .

Question: What are the setback requirements for building or structure or fence on my property?
Answer: Contact the Zoning Department at 785.448.5496, or Email .

Question: Can the City tell me where my boundary lines (a/k/a property lines) are located?
Answer: No. The City has the approximate size information of your property but knowing the exact boundary line location can only be done by a licensed surveyor.

Question: Do plans for a new commercial building or addition require an architect?
Answer: Yes. Plans for all new commercial buildings and additions to existing commercial buildings are required to have sealed plans by a Kansas licensed archtect or engineer.

Question: What is the frost depth?
Answer: 30 inches below finished grade.

Question: What information is required when applying for a permit to construct a single family residence?
Answer: Site plan with the completed Zoning-Building Application .

Question: At what point do I call for inspection?
Answer: During construction or remodel call for all required inspections at least 3 to 4 hours before inspection is needed. Call for a final inspection before occupancy. See Inspection Schedule .

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